Say "XaaS" and see the door opening :)

Welcome to our Asgardahost!

Well, seems it is already the third reincarnation of this resource, chasing of its perfect state-of-art in trying to create a kind of self-sufficient website containing useful practices in systems administration and basics of development. In the beginning, it was just a cookbook that covered some typical tasks related to exploitation of services, their integration with each other or some external parts or functionality extension, including their development. Every article described some "services from scratch": from package installation and up to its configuration and development.

With further development of IT industry generally and of various XaaS particularly, a new approach called "DevOps practices" has appeared. It is being actively developed in the process of IT systems' lifecycle ( development, maintenance, deployment ) and it declares as one of its main goals provision of a new level of collaboration between systems engineers and software engineers. Such a provision bases on deeper understanding of requirements, responsibilities and possibilities of each other. Normally it appears as abstraction of systems engineer from tasks of immediate application maintenance on the one hand, and concentration on provision of IaaS, PaaS and particularly SaaS for developers. Meanwhile software engineer accepts "game rules" from infrastructure side that is normally expressed as adaptation of application that are being developed by him, according to the terms and conventions of existing infrastructure.

Following this tendency, I decided to revise my existing blog in projection on contemporary model of interoperation between Dev and Ops. On this updated webresource we will guide through all the steps of *aaS: from physical nodes to the top - a website which will be working on top of all those solutions, same as it would be deployed soimewhere in the cloud like Amazon or Google Cloud. On our complex and interesting way we will try to follow the XaaC principle ( Everything as a Code )

Thanks for your attention and I wish you a nice trip.