Happy New Year 2021 to everybody! Our Puppet foundry started.

Hello everybody and Happy New Year!
Glad to say that our Asgardahost Puppet foundry entred service!

Asgardahost docker registry is available.

I am happy to announce that my humble docker registry is available now. I am collecting various docker images that are used by myself in some of my projects. Also common-purposed images that might be useful as a brick of something large are stored there. Please visit Asgardahost registry page to get a full list of available images. No authentication is required, you can download images with "docker pull" command.

Asgardahost repository is available now.

I am glad to inform that our repository at is avaiable now. Welcome!

Welcome everybody!

Here is a welcome message! This is a mall blog with some tips & tricks, thoughts and opinions related to the main thesises disclaimed. Please take in attention that this is a private blog where author describes and bases ( obligatorily!! ) his own position without any intention to discussions in comments underneath. That is why comments are disabled and won't be enabled ever. If you disagree with some points and want to discuss them in details - pease do not hesitate to write to the author via e-mail which is available on the "Contacts' page.