08. Backup subsystem.

Backup subsystem is based on Nextcloud private cloud solution. The idea is to create and deploy a set of docker containers and install the Nextcloud software.
  1. Configuration of docker containers bunch is pretty easy:
    • A docker-compose.yml ( can be used as self-sufficient file for docker compose as well as a part of Hiera data file compatible with our docker_compose module. We are using PostgreSQL database as a backend and memcached for data cache service ):
    • Configuratuon file for nginx ( must be injected somehow into nginx container - it is up to you how do do that, in our case thee file must be placed into /mnt/docker_volume/nginx/etc_nginx_conf.d subdir of the host - see docker-compose.yml above ):

  2. The next step is to take the suitable for you release of Nextcloud from here: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases and place it into the rootdir of your Nextcloud virtual host in nginx. For us this is storage.asgardahost.ru and /mnt/nextcloud directory of the host ( see docker-compose.yml above ).
  3. Alright, now open your Nextcloud host in browser. If everything is done correctly, you will see the Nextcloud greetings screeen and will be able to proced for the further installation. Once installation steps are completed your private cloud will be ready to use!